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Underground Trackless mobile machines

About Us

We establish customized solutions to ensure minimal mean-time-to-repair intervals.

We understand that our customers need efficiency, availability, utilization, productivity, profitability, and reliability of their equipment and processes. As such optimization of customer processes is at the centre of our strategy. Our goal is to be consistent and timely in our responses.

What We Offer

For mining equipment to be available whenever needed, productive when in use, and efficient in operation, spare parts must be readily available. Availability of spares ensure short intervals between breakdowns and helps achieving planned maintenance objectives. We supply a wide range of spare parts for drill rigs, bolters, loaders, and trucks. 

We source components from local and global leading manufacturers.Breakdowns of high value components have a potential to render equipment unproductive for extended periods. We have a well-equipped repair facility where our highly experienced technical team strips, assesses, and performs repairs.

Our wide range of flexible cables are designed to offer innovative, effective, and efficient cable solutions suitable for both fixed and mobile installations. Our cables are SABS approved. The whole range of cables is fire retardant and custom made to suit site specific application scenarios with different operational conditions. 

We supply a wide range of hydraulic motors and pumps from reputable manufacturers.

We can provide full time technical support to customers with shortage of labour for short or long terms. We have highly skilled artisans. Our artisans are given inhouse refresher training by industry specialists.

We have a team of highly experienced technicians in our field service department. When our customers’ technical teams struggle with fault-finding, or experience recurring breakdowns they cannot permanently address, we step in with permanent solutions.

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